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About Justin

Hi, I'm Justin Hunter, a writer, developer, product person, and founder. I have founded or co-founded numerous startups including SimpleID and Graphite.

Let's talk about this site name and my Twitter handle: polluterofminds. As a writer, you have to transport people into a world you created. You have to make them think things you want them to think. This is also a big part of being persuasive. Convincing someone of something in both fiction and life is like taking their mind and polluting it with your own thoughts.

Plus it's just a pretty good name.

I write (fiction, blogs, etc), build software (SimpleID, Graphite, and more), and spend too much time on Twitter. I've built things for most of my life, and I love talking about that. Building, to me, can include digital items, physical items, and writing.

In addition to running two companies, I have a book of short stories recently put out by an independent press. I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University, and have had my writing published in dozens of magazines and journals.

I also build side projects in the software world. Some of those are still live, and some have faded away. I'll document these side projects in my blog along with other topics.

Want a more professional bio? Check out LinkedIn.

Want to see the nonsense I tweet? Find me here.

Want to email me, do it here.

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