Work & Projects


I am currently Vice President of Product at Pinata. Pinata is a media platform built to help web3 businesses make money and distribute their content.

I've been working at Pinata since 2020, and I have helped take the company from $0 to nearly $7 million.


Absorb is a social video application built on top of the Farcaster social network protocol and Pinata. It was built to highlight the power of open media and open networks.

With Absorb, users can post 7-second videos from their phone or desktop computer. It is currently only available for Farcaster users.


I built Perligo as a side project to help writers collect feedback on their work. With Perligo, you can upload your writing, invite a group of collaborators, and allow them to leave notes in line and general thoughts on your writing.


Write/Sprint is a native iOS app built to help writers track their progress. It's as simple as setting the writing sprint length, clicking start, then recording the number of words you wrote in the session.

Fun fact: Write/Sprint was my first ever SwiftUI app.


Graphite was a privacy-focused alternative to Google Docs. It was built in 2017, launched in 2018, and shut down in 2020.

The app was the first app I'd ever built. It was the reason I learned to code. It was also led to my first real money made online.